Memory and Meaning Explored by Grade 10 Artists


Think of an object that means a lot to you. Is there a story behind it? Can you relay that story through a three-dimensional piece of art? These are some of the challenging questions Ms. Miriam Gueluekoglu, GISNY’s art teacher, asked her tenth grade students earlier this year. Here are some of the responses:


Alex and the Apple Blossom Cup

 Why would one bury a fancy porcelain cup in the back yard during World War II? “Some of my ancestors lived in the time period of World War II, which was a very hard time,” explains Alex. Well, in fear, they buried a valuable porcelain tea cup in the back yard, under a tree. Unfortunately, the cup was never found again. Was the tree destroyed? Or was it simply too hard to find the exact spot?

Uve and the Coo-Coo Clock

 Uve had also heard an intriguing story about his grandmother, who was given her mother’s clock growing up, but never actually met her mother. The clock took on great meaning because, although the mother and daughter lived near each other, they had been separated by sad circumstances and never got a chance to know one another.

Johanna and Her Hero

Johanna explains that her brother is a “hero to me.” He is very successful, and, together, she feels they are like Yin and Yang, or two parts of a whole. She explores this theme through a puzzle, as the pieces complete one another and create a whole entity. She also depicts a sailboat, as she loves to sail with her brother and her whole family.

Other themes explored in this Grade 10 journey through memory and meaning are superheroes, cities, planes, and the destruction caused in the Florida Keys and Cuba by Hurricane Irma.

These works, along with writings about their geneses, can be viewed in the display cases by the art room. Take a look, and let your grade 10 friends and Ms. Gueluekoglu know what you think!