A big “Sorpresa” Enters the Cafeteria

With wonderful music and a nice atmosphere, everyone had an awesome meal!


The Mariachi band entered in black suits, and abruptly the atmosphere in the cafeteria changed. The musicians played wonderful tunes and sang along. Everyone cheered and clapped.

On May 8, a Mariachi Band came marching into the cafeteria to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, which was actually on May 5th.

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday celebrating Mexican heritage and pride. It is the most important national holiday in Mexico. To show how important that is, Cinco de Mayo is as important in Mexico as is Independence Day (the 4th of July) in the United States. Surprisingly, some say that Cinco de Mayo is even more important nowadays in the U.S. than in Mexico, as even some Americans without Mexican lineage celebrate the day.

Paul Boos, the chef manager at Flik, planned the event. Mr. Boos says he organized the band as  “a monotony-breaker.” That means, he explains, that when things are regular and normal, they can become monotonous, or dull and repetitious. “This way, it was something different. It’s excitement, and a break,” he explains. Mr. Boos also organized this wonderful break in routine because two women on the Flik team are Mexican.

Paul Boos organized this event and is the chef manager.


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