Taking Steps Against Bullying


Bullying is a problem that exists in many schools. According to several Junior Journalism AG members, The worst thing about bullying is that it can make you feel small, unappreciated and left out.

Other middle schoolers at GISNY have similarly strong feelings on the subject. The pictures accompanying this story were made by students in Mrs. Petra Weghoff’s fifth grade Ethics class. These comics express the students’ experiences with bullying (or “mobbing” in German).

“It is not enough just to talk about bullying,” Mrs. Weghoff says. ” [My idea was] to give kids the chance to express their feelings by being creative. Quiet and shy students sometimes don’t want to tell others, in words, what they have experienced. Pictures and comics make the damage that can be done by bullying more public.”


Expressing our feelings about bullying can be very helpful; it can also be an effective way to raise awareness. But how can kids take action against it? The writers of this article agree that many kids are afraid that if they report a bully, the situation may get worse.

Here at GISNY, there are specific people who can help. The following adults in our community can provide a safe place to start. You can approach any of these individuals and ask to have a private conversation with them about a situation you have observed, or experienced firsthand.

It is always a good idea to talk things over with a trusted adult. That person may have helpful suggestions, and they also may know of some steps that can be taken to improve the situation.

Resource People for bullying or related issues at GISNY:

  • Kirstin Sträter, Resource Specialist Teacher
  • Mary Beirne, School Nurse
  • John DiBetta, Vertraunslehrer and Sports Teacher
  • Julia Collins, Vertraunslehrer, German History Teacher
  • Beatrice Krämer, School Psychologist
  • Your homeroom teacher
  • Any trusted teacher