Young Scientists Wow the Crowd


Ever wondered what the Milky Way really is, or what makes flowers last longer in your home?

To find out the answers to these questions and many more, students of all ages flocked to the gym on May 6, 2018, to GISNY’s third annual science fair. But the scientists weren’t the adults — they were almost 50 kids from grades three to five!

The experiments came from all sorts of areas of scientific expertise, including: botany, horticulture, biology, physics, chemistry, computer science, math… and more.

Here are some highlights:

The most creative: what liquids work best on plant growth?

The most advanced: math using logic.

The loudest: how to make a bomb.

The “Sweetest”: why does honey crystalize?

The most disturbing: which pet is the cleanest.

The “brightest”: a “bright” idea.

The most repelling: what are the most effective squirrel repellents?

The most colorful: Liquid rainbow

The tastiest: what is a dog’s favorite food group?

Our whole community thanks Mrs. Guerriere and Mr. Schmöckel for making this exciting event possible.