Blitz Chess: Sparks to Fly!


GISNY Chess Team, The Wizards, will soon face off against members of the school’s faculty and administration, The Conquerors, in a battle of wit and speed called Blitz Chess. The challenge will take place on Friday, June 15, at 2:30pm in lower school classroom 4B.

Blitz Chess is a kind of Speed Chess in which each player is given minimal time to make their moves as compared to classical tournaments. In many professional games, speed chess is used in the event of tie breaks. Blitz Chess is a category of Speed Chess in which the players are given a total of 5 to 10 minutes to make all their moves and try to win the game.

Our two GISNY teams — kids vs. teachers — agreed on allowing ten minutes for each player (see this link to watch an exciting match of Blitz Chess between Thomas S. and Mr. Weghoff).

Blitz serves as a showcase for the chess skills of a player. A chess match is a puzzle that needs solving, and in blitz, you have to solve this on the fly, with decisions made in a matter of seconds because with every move your opponent makes, the parameters are constantly changing. It is a whirlwind game that requires intense concentration and nerves of steel.

Come watch this highly anticipated event, in which students and teachers will show us what they’re made of!