Get to know your Schülersprecher: an Interview with Ann-Christine

With the upcoming election for the student body president, we at The Lense want to bring the candidates into the spotlight and introduce them to those who don’t know them yet.

Today I am going to interview Ann-Christine from 11th grade…


Q: Hello Ann-Christine, before we start with the questions, could you introduce yourself to the readers?


A: Sure, my name is Ann-Christine Richmann, I’m 16 years old and a junior at GISNY. I’ve been on this school for one year now and I got to learn a lot of new things not just about the school but also about myself.


Q:  And why are you running?


A: I want to become student body president this year because I think that it is time for a girl to represent the students, and I think that I can make changes in the interest of the students.


Q: What is your biggest concern at the school right now?


A: My biggest concern at the school is the fact that the girls do not have a lot of options when it comes to sports. Only the middleschool girls have a field hockey team, but the girls from high school don’t have any options when it comes to competing against other school in a sport. I want to change that and make sure that girls have more options.


Q: What can you offer to the GISNY community that your opponents can not?


A:I can offer the school a girl as a student body president which the others can’t offer for sure. I want to know about the changes the students want to have and I want to bring those wishes through or settle on a solution that the teachers and the students are happy with.


Q:What do you think about the other candidates?


A:I think that everyone deserves to become student body president because we all want to bring out the best in the school and help to find solutions. We all have a vision for the school and we all want to achieve it. Everyone of us would feel honored if the students voted for them to represent the school.


Q: And finally, why should the students vote for you?


A: As I said in the last few questions, I want to make school an even better place, and I want to achieve those things with the school community. I am open to new and creative ideas and it’s important to me that the students are willing to work on new ideas and we develop our school to a better place together. I’d be very honored if you would vote for me!


Q: Alright, thank you for your time and good luck with the elections Ann-Christine!