Get to know your Schülersprecher: an Interview with Moritz (No longer running)



With the upcoming Schülersprecherwahlen for 2018 and 2019, we from the lens sat down with all possible candidates in order to conduct an interview with them. This article will focus on Moritz, who is attending  the 10th grade this year and hopes that he will soon become your next Schülersprecher.


Why are you running?

I believe that I would be a good student body president, because I have been here for 5 years and before this I was also at a deutsche Auslandsschule, so I know how it works inside of our small community, working together with the outside community, working with America and not being a small little bubble. Also, many of my friends can verify this, that when I have something that I believe in, I can work at it very diligently. Furthermore I have a lot of ideas, that I want to put in place.


Seeing how you’ve been here for such a long time, what are your visions for the future?

Some of the plans, that I have are, being in touch with all the students and being in touch with the administration and the parents, having a good line of communication. Also with the bash committee I have noticed how the bashes have been not that exciting, especially with the Oberstufe. So I would bring up new ideas. Possibly I would make sure that there are more class trips.


So how would you establish those connections or make the bashes more exciting?

My main point is generally communication. You know when I was younger I was always like: “I don’t want to go up to the big kids, I’m intimidated”, so I want to make sure that they can can always talk to me. We could possibly have an anonymous box for suggestions or criticisms of some sort. I would talk to the bash committee, they could possibly have ideas and to always be in touch with everyone responsible. I think that I know the teachers at this school very well, I have lots of subjects with every teacher and I think that I can communicate quite well with them. Also the parents, I have two younger siblings and they have friends and I know their parents from just going to school events, so lots of people know me and I know them, so that helps.


What’s your biggest concern at this school right now?

Well this might not necessarily be a concern, but this is definitely something that we need to work on, is that our school is constantly in motion. Our class for example got 12 new kids this year, I saw a lot of new faces this year. So we always need to make sure that we can keep up with the constant flow of this school and its development, the new building for example. We have to make sure that everyone is involved and that everyone is on touch.


How exactly would you do this?

As I said before, through talking to people, by making everyone feel secure with me being “the one in charge” so to say.


What can you offer to GISNY, that the others can not?

Like I said in the beginning, by knowing a lot about the school, it’s people and the connections that I have to teachers. Also that I can strongly work for something that I believe in.


What do you think about the other candidates?

Anne-Christine, I believe that she would take this very seriously and that she will also be a good candidate because I know that she has been on the bash committee and that she is very involved. Lenny is a friend of mine and I know that he has been looking forward to this for very long, he will be very committed. Henry, he is very serious about his matter, he knows how to get things done.


If you were to be elected, who would you choose to be your partner?

That’s a tough question, I could go through the pros with everyone. I know that with Lenny I’d have a good connection and we could work together. Anne-Christine I could get to know her, and she is also very open to meet new people. Henry I think he would be very structured and that he’d also work very well.