Good to be in the Gymnasium

Good to be in the Gymnasium

This September I am in a new grade, and now I am in Gymnasium. I’ve noticed some other things going on – some changes. In 5th grade we have different teachers for every subject, but in 4th grade we did not. Also, I think that we take every subject really seriously. For me, organizing my binder better than in 4th grade. Another change from 4th grade to 5th grade is that we get to use the Energy Garden. It is cooler than the one for the lower school.

I feel good to be in Gymnasium.

by Marc Luca Meier

English and Why I Like Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is cool! We have Biology and other fun subjects like Music. The new Music room is great. Another thing I like about fifth grade is the clean bathrooms. The only thing I don’t like about fifth grade is that there are 5 periods before lunch, but we do have a fun new playground in the upper school.

By Hellen Rueter

5th Grade: As Hard as it Seems?

Fifth grade – is it as hard as many of my sister’s classmates say? I don’t think so, as far as I’m concerned. The teachers are nice and the work is excellent. The only tricky thing is getting used to big binders and switching classrooms all the time. Another great thing is getting away from the smaller kids. It sure is great not having to change your shoes to go out!

It’s crazy to think how far I’ve come. A second ago I was in Pre-K taking naps.

All in all, 5th grade is great and I can’t wait to get further into it!


by Ava Lechner

Upper School vs. Lower School

In the Lower school you are supposed to stay in your chair in your classroom unless a teacher asks you to leave the room, you go to the nurse or the restroom. But in the Upper School you get to leave the room between classes. Also you have different classes like Biology and Social Studies with different teachers. I do miss somethings about 4th grade like LESS HOMEWORK!

Klara Severance