The first Young Musicians Classical Concert – An Interview with Mr. Alberti

Do you want to introduce the event first?

This was “The first young musicians classical concert” by the German Forum, which was held at the general consulate on september 6th. It featured seven of our students and they played solo.


What was the idea behind the event?

I should probably introduce the german forum first, it was founded in New York city in 1978 under the name “Deutscher Förder Kreis” at first, however one year after this, in 1979, they renamed themselves “deutsches Forum”. Actually one of their first initiatives was to found the school here. So that was their first major project and that also why our Auditorium is named after its first president, Siegfried Kessler, later on, the forum was incorporated as a New York non-profit organisation, in 1985. For a long time under the old leadership the German Forums main focus was to provide highly talented Artists from the german speaking world with an opportunity to display their talents in our city. Last year their president changed and their new president is now Barbera Hemich. She wanted to change the focus to a more broader german american initiative and that’s where our school came in.


How did you get in contact with the german forum?

Rev. Miriam Gross, who partially teaches here and has four kids here at this school made the connection. It was actually her Idea to make the event between the german forum and our school. So in March or April, she introduced me to the president and also the artistic director of the german forum.


How did you decide who would be performing?

That wasn’t an easy task, especially because I didn’t have enough time. I basically had to decide who would performing the last week of school, so the timing wasn’t perfect. I would like to display talents from all grades next time, from both the lower and the upper school. I talked to a couple of students and luckily they were all interested, they all wanted to play at this concert. If we were to do it again, I would advertise it better, because there was no opportunity this time for students to approach me, if they wanted to play.


How would you describe the atmosphere of the evening?

The atmosphere was very formal, I would say, due to the fact, that the concert was held at the german consulate in Midtown, Manhattan. So it wasn’t so easy to get into there in the first place, you had to sign up in advance through a website. Formal attire was required, so a very formal evening, which provided a great platform for our students to perform. It was also very nice to have such a big audience. Although we didn’t have a lot of people from our school, the german forum has a lot of members, that regularly attend all of the events.


Was your favorite part about the event?

I was a little anxious at first to have our students perform in such a formal setting, in the general consulate. Of course I had a lot of trust in talent of our students, but still Members of the German forum usually are a platform for professional musicians flown in to New York, from Germany. So I assumed that they would expect many great performances. So the best moment, for me was when I felt sure that they would appreciate, what the students did and that we were able to meet their expectations. That was when I was able to enjoy the evening.


We heard, that there was a buffet. So what was your favorite food there?

I didn’t have a lot of time to eat there, however, I think my favorite food was actually the beer.