Do you prefer 4th or 5th grade more?


The Junior Journalism AG interviewed the Wednesday Lernen-Lernen AG and here are the results:



I like 5th grade more, because you have the ability to freely do the things you would like



I like 5th grade better, because the teachers are nicer, we have longer lunch and we

get to experience a new playground. Although I do miss my friends from 3rd grade and

my old playground.



I prefer 4th grade, because every subjects was easier and there were less

of them.



Another girl likes 5th grade because she likes the playground more. She misses that she was the biggest of the Elementary . And now she is the smallest.



A boy says that likes more 4th grade. He misses 4th grade because Lunch is an hour earlier. He likes 4th  grade because he only had one teacher for most Subject.



Another boy likes 4th grade more, because you get less homework and he doesn’t like the teachers and Biology 5th  grade. He doesn’t like that 5b and 5a don’t like each other. He misses that he cant play soccer.