Winter Bazaar

This year’s Christmas Bazaar was a great success. Here are some of the highlights

The Concert

The concert was great! It was the best concert I participated in, in a school. The practice was always good because our teacher, Mrs. DeGraf, made the choir fell secure, so we are not scared. And two boys even sang different voices – one was tenor and one was bass. One. When the audience had their part to sing they all just sang with us and I liked that. We also had a fun party on December 10, 2018, and everybody came.


The Theater – 3rd Grade

I was very excited to see the 3rd grade theater play this year. They were all good actors. The backround and the colors were very beautiful. I also liked the story and the songs. None of them looked nervous or scared.

The Bazaar

All of the stands were great, and had fascinating things to sell. There were pillows from New York and handmade pictures, as well as many other items for everyone. The food was also fantastic. I really liked the chocolate covered strawberries and the German food. It was nice to have traditional German food. It was fun to see old friends again and spend a whole day with them.

The winter bazaar was a lot of fun!