Primaries and Midterms

In the face of injustice and corruption, it is important to step up and fight for what is right. One can protest in marches, research evidence for what is right and look at all sides to form an opinion. But one of the most effective ways to make change is to vote. This years Primaries and Midterms are of special importance. The outcome could change the House and Senate majority from Republican to Democratic. This could be extremely dangerous for President Trump, possibly leading to impeachment.

But what exactly are the Primaries and Midterms? Primaries and Midterms are held every two years, in the middle of a presidential term. In these elections, people vote for candidates for the Senate and the House of Representative. If the Democrats win the General Election and take over the House and Senate, Trump would have a difficult time getting the laws passed that he would like. Trump would also have trouble getting further Supreme Court nominees approved. Recently ┬áTrump was able to get conservative justice Brett Kavanaugh approved to the Supreme Court. This is largely because the Republican Senate majority voted for him. It is important to realize that the Supreme Court Justices serve for life once they are appointed. This is why – especially now – the Midterms matter so much. Because Trump has the support of Congress, he has been able to pass many laws, many through executive order, that are harmful to Americans, especially minorities and women. He passed a law that banned Muslims from several countries in the Middle East from entry in the USA and has forcefully separated immigrant families.

It is important to think about all aspects of politics and look into who could be your next representative. Voting matters for change, particularly now.