Mr. Hierath Part 1

Mr.Hierath Part 1


Hellen:  Hi

Herr Hierath: Hello

Hellen: What do you like about the school?

Hr. Hierath: How much time do you have; I like lots of things about the school. The first thing I liked is that when we got here with the whole family – my wife, two daughters and our little dog. We felt everyone was very welcoming. Everybody talked to us and offered help. I felt that was very nice. And once school started, the first people that I met were lots of teachers. It’s always a funny moment when a new head of school comes. People are thinking, who is he? What does he want from us?But everybody – the teachers, the board members, the the administrative staff and the janitors – they were all nice to me. So we seemed to be able to talk to each other and get along with each other, and that was very good for me. And then I remember when I met the students, when I came here to be picked for the job, there was another man and we had to do a lot of tests by the board, who were to decide who was to be the new head teacher.  We had to talk to the students, and after I had this talk, lots of students came up tp me and said that was very cool and we voted for you. We liked you very much. I liked that. That was quite nice. I fell very many students here are nice as well. Some nicer then others, but that the way a school is.


Hellen: What would you change about the school?

Hr. Hierath: I don’t think there are any big changes. I think that the school is really on a good track and I feel that a school is always changing. You never come to a point where you say, “The school is finished now.” Because there is always new teachers, and new students ,and new parents. The whole world always changes, so the school changes as well. One thing I would like to change is, when I watched the first soccer match, I felt it was disappointing that there were so few students watching those boys play soccer. So what we would like to do now that we have the basketball season starting, I would like to have more people from the school community come and cheers for the teams. I want lots of noise when the boys play basketball and when girls play soccer. Iwant many of us to be there to help them. That is something that I felt, hum that’s something we could do better.


Hellen:Do you like the school olympics and why?

Hr. Hierath: I liked the School Olympics very much. I thought that was a cool event. What I liked most was that I have to decide, when the weather turns bad, whether we have to close the school, and in the days before the olympics, the weather was very bad. We were all worried, “What was the weather going to be like.” I woke up in the middle of the night and it was pouring down. I said, “Oh, no.” Because we had to set the rain date for Sunay. And I knew nobody really wanted to do it on Sunday. We all wanted to do it on Saturday. So I said to my wife, we will check on the mobile phones, to see if the weather is alright later. I’m just going to close the window now. So, when I went to school at 8:00 in the morning and the sky cleared and we had a very lovely day. And I liked that all of your parents were there. And so many other friends were there and we had a nice atmosphere. People of the whole school community were together and we had our sports events more for fun.

Hellen: Is there anything you want to change next year?

Hr. Hierath: We may change school trips. We are talking with the school community. We talk to the parents, we talk to the students and the other teachers and we talk to the board and we come to decisions.

Hellen: How did you find this school?

Hr. Hierath:I checked on Google maps!

Hellen: Was your family happy to come here or not?

Hr. Hierath: I found an advert online, and first, I asked my wife, and then I talked to my daughters and I said that I found a job in New York. How do you feel about it? Shall I apply? And they all said of course, apply! Then I said, if I apply, and I make it, then we all have to go! And my wife said there will be so many people, you won’t get it anyway. But she was wrong! So, now we are here, and we are happy here. Most of you have moved here from somewhere else, so you know moving from home to another country is always difficult, but all and all we like it very much.

Hellen: Do you like the food here?

Hr. Hierath: It is brilliant. WE are very, very lucky. I can tell you, I have been to a few other schools here now, and our food is, by far, the best food I have ever had in any school. I mean, I don’t love it every day, but that is only normal. But if I don’t like what they are serving, there is always a sandwich or a salad. So, there is always something to eat.

Hellen: Will there be more vegetarian dishes?

Hr. Hierath: We are talking about it. If we do more vegetarian, then there are others who complain there is not enough meat, and the Chef says that we have a very nice salad bar and sandwich bar where you can always have other things. And if we offered two different choices, then it would be too expensive.And then your parents would have to pay more school fees. So, at the minute we feel this is something we can live with.

Hellen and Willi: Will there be new pictures in the main hallway?

Hr. Hierath: There should be shouldn’t there? We are thinking about this, but then you have to have someone to put them up. But it will happen.

Jr. Journalism: Thank you, for your time.

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