Mr.Hierath Part 2

Mr.Hierath Part 2


Mr. Hierath: I would like to ask you guys some questions. Can I ask you some questions as well? Is that part of the program?

Mrs. H: We are open to it.

Mr. H: Tell me, what do you like most about the school?

Hellen: I like  that everybody knows everyone and the classes are not so big. And the food.

Mr. H: Do you all like the food?

All: Yes

Mr. H: I’m very glad to hear that.

Klara: I like the buddy class and buddy day and we get to know other people from other grades.

We did some fun things and they are really nice. And if we are going through things and you don’t want to talk to a teacher or your parents, you can talk to a buddy.

Mr. H And they help you?

Klara: Yes.

Mr.. H Good, that’s good to hear.

Marc: The thing that I like that you don’t hear everyday is the learning.

Mr. H: I’m very glad to hear it, indeed.

Marc: There are some subjects I actually like.

Mr. H: And it will be more fun for every year now. Trust me.

Marc: I think fifth grade is more fun than 3rd and 4th grade. Because you get more homework and I like homework.

Mr. H: You like homeworK? Alright then, I don’t think most people would agree.

All laugh

Marc: And buddy classes are fun. Once we did an experiment and in the end it disappeared. It was a liquid. It evaporated.

Mrs. H: And you Willi, what do you like?

Willi: All the teachers and the kids in the school are nice. And that nobody laughs at anybody and they are nice to each other.

Mr. H: That’s very important. Keep that up. Soon you will be the older students and there will be newer students and you will have to look after the. And if you show them that we are nice to each other, that is very important. I’m glad to hear that.