MUN – 2019

Representing Kuwait, GISNY students in the Model United Nations AG, along with Mrs. Hegarty and Ms Wege, went to the annual NHSMUN conference in the Midtown Hilton. After arriving, getting set in the hotel, and visiting the first Committee Session, we were invited to the Mission of Kuwait for a “Mission Briefing.”  Here it was possible for us, as representative delegates for Kuwait, to ask questions about Kuwait’s position in the matters, topics and agendas set for the various committees in the first session. The Kuwaiti diplomats were welcoming and shared interesting information about their diverse expat population, as well as their progressive business ventures all over the world. Kuwait is committed to addressing climate change and reducing their dependance on fossil fuels as a main source of revenue. The representatives did not shy away from answering any of the hard questions asked, including the countries stance on LGBTQ+ rights – Sharia Law bans it,  their position on the Palestinian and Israeli conflict as well as their stance on the current refugee crisis. We would like to extend our special thanks to Mr. Ali Abdullatif Ali AlYahya and his colleague for making this possible!

Back at the conference, the students split up into their respective committees continuing through the various committee sessions. After an eventful week, it was time for the closing ceremony in the UN General Assembly. We would like to extend a special thanks for the UNICEF president, who held a keynote speech on the importance for standing up for the women, highlighting the many issues she had to face throughout her career. And with that, the NHSMUN conference was closed.