The GISNY Eagles triumph over Soundview Prep Bulldogs to win the League


On Thursday after school, the Gym was packed with both home and away fans that came to support their teams in the League Final. The audience witnessed a great game with a historic result for the Eagles as they won 57-50 over Soundview, who were especially noteworthy for their great shooting, scoring eight 3-pointers. On the Eagles’ side, Tim Collins, Paul Pfeil and Anton G. Schlüter stood out. Tim and Paul scored 21 and 20 points, respectively, and Anton proved himself very valuable to the team through his great assists, hustle and leadership.

Even though Soundview scored first, the Eagles had a very strong 1st quarter, building up a 10 point lead that was eventually reduced to a still formidable 8 point margin. Anton and our MVP Tim stood out in this quarter as they scored some very crucial points to equalize twice and then build a lead.

In the 2nd quarter, it seemed that Soundview might be able to turn the game around as GISNY only scored 6 points and lacked creativity and efficiency in offense. But these points were enough to keep a meager lead of 1 point as Soundview wasn’t able to score many points either, making the game very tight.

After overcoming the second quarter difficulties, the Eagles returned to their strong form of the first quarter, dropping another 18 points, 8 of those coming from Tim. Yet, the Bulldogs scored 14 points, keeping the game quite close and prolonged the decision to the final quarter.

A back and forth between the two teams defined the beginning of the final quarter as the Eagles were hustling hard, energized by the support from the crowd. But the Bulldogs kept up their offense and prevented GISNY from extending their lead for a few minutes, but as Soundview kept fouling, the Eagles scored 6 points via free throws, 4 of which Tim scored with a 100% conversion rate. Throughout the 4th quarter, Soundview wasn’t able to convert enough of its own free throws and therefore allowed GISNY to build a 9 point lead that they could only reduce to 7 points, resulting in the final score of 57-50.

Before the new Champions were honored and awarded their trophy, Soundview was honored for their respectable performance and a well earned 2nd place and received a big round of applause from both home and guest fans.

Finally, the Eagles received their trophy under a standing ovations and Tim was awarded the MVP trophy for his remarkable performance.