GISNY Science Fair Interview

Last Thursday and Friday, GISNY held a science fair for grades 3 – 5. The teachers who organized the fair were Frau Guerriere and Herr and Frau Schmöckel. I participated in the fair and my project was the difference between dogs and cats. There were many great projects and I got a chance to interview one of the organizers. Please read to find out all about our great science fair.

Marc: Why did you decide to organize the science fair?

Frau Guerriere: I have always liked science projects. It is exciting, when you have a question and can find answers by experimenting. When Ms. Kraft started to organize a Science Fair I was very excited and I wanted to make sure that it continued after Ms. Kraft had left for London.

What do you like the most about the science fair? Why?

I like that students get encouraged to experiment on their own, being curious. I like the most about the science fair that is a great way for our school to see all the project of our students and to learn about many different subjects. It’s fantastic that every age group from preK to our high school students can learn something at the science fair.

How many students participated in the science fair?

We had 47 students participate in the science fair this year.

What were some of the most memorable projects? Why?

The most memorable project was “how to get a cooked egg in a bottle. I only realized that this project entailed an open flame when I smelled burning scent in the gym. I got very nervous. When I located the smell I saw a student putting a piece of paper on fire in order to put the flame into the bottle in which the egg was supposed to go. Needless to say, that project was only shown once.

What would you do next year?


I think the science fair has been working well. We would like to keep the event generally the same. However we are certainly open for suggestions or comments.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. 

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