Washington D. C. Trip of the Graduating Class of 2020


In October, the class of 2020 spent an exciting and interesting week in the beautiful capital of this proud nation, Washington D.C. with our great teachers, Mrs. Alberti and Mrs. Heggarty. We spend a week exploring and learning about the fascinating history of the USA as well as the city.

Biking and scooting through the city, we visited numerous sites along the National Mall, such as the White House, as well as several museums, the Ford Theatre and even a Washington Wizards game.
All students prepared presentations for the group, explaining the memorials and sites, making the trip a valuable learning experience for all.
One night, we were even brave enough to trust some of our fellow students to cook dinner for our group, the meal, consisting of Spaghetti Carbonara and brownies for dessert actually turned out to be quite delicious, and we all got away without a food poisoning.
Together, we visited the Holocaust Museum and the Museum of African American History and Culture, but in our free time we all got a chance to visit a museum of our choice, some chose the Museum of Natural History, others went to the National Air and Space Museum and one of our brave comrades even took it upon himself to journey to the National Law Enforcement Museum all alone.
On the last night, we all went to a great Mexican Bar in Georgetown with our teachers and enjoyed a nice dinner together, rounding the trip off well before making our way home.