Horseman’s Hollow


Julian Toeller, Writer

The Hudson Valley.  An area famous for its beautiful parks, forests, and the small towns hidden within them. Especially in spring and summer, tourists from all around New York State come to this area to pay the historic region a visit. Well, except one small town, whose name you might recognize: Sleepy Hollow.

This village next to the Tappan Zee Bridge is infamous for the horror stories told about it. One of its most famous stories is the tale of the Headless Horseman.

And this decapitated cavalier is the reason for the scariest Halloween experience I ever had the pleasure to endure.

Halloween 2015 was the first time I visited Philipsburg Manor. It was probably around 8pm and already pitch-dark. The noise of a huge crowd echoed over the park as me and my family arrived.

Up until this point I had no idea at all what my father had bought tickets for, but slowly it dawned on me: A haunted house! Well, with the exception that the whole thing wasn’t inside some tiny cabin but spread out across the whole area in front of the manor.

We were about to experience Horseman’s Hollow.



I don’t want to spoiler too much (this would take part of the fun out of it!),  so I will just tell you the basics you need to know:

Horseman’s Hollow can be closest compared to a haunted house, even though the comparison itself is a defamation. Spread over the whole park in front of the old Philipsburg Manor is the domain of the Headless Horseman: small alleys which connect different creepy cabins, filled with professional actors (and probably some real monsters, I can’t tell) ready to non-stop scare the hell out of you.

On your way through creepy cornfields and cursed chapels you will encounter all types of scary stuff. Hell, there was even a pirate ship this year!


I can only recommend Horseman’s Hollow.  The themes change every year, so don’t fear – (this is not a spoiler). The actors, their makeup, the setting and especially the detailed “decorations” will blow your mind and your bladder!  So for next year’s Halloween make sure to visit Horseman’s Hollow!

Check out their website here:

(This is an opinion piece based on the experiences my friends, family and myself had with Horseman’s Hollow. It’s not intended as commercial but as recommendation.)