Interview: Human Rights Trip to the UN

Human Rights Trip to the UN Headquarters in NYC


On January 10th 2017, the Human Rights Club had a trip to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. I asked Delphine and Zoe (both 15) about their experiences and thoughts regarding the UNO, the Human Rights Club and the trip in general.

Hey guys. I’m happy you could make it! Let’s start at the beginning:

Why did you join the Human Rights Club?

We joined the club because we were interested in becoming engaged with our community and wanted to help those that live with less fortunate circumstances than us.


This sounds committed! It’s great to have young people like you actively engaging for a better society. Speaking of engagement: What did you learn about the UN’s Mission in your tour?

We found it to be very informative. Moreover, we were given a thorough insight into the United Nations, it’s set up and goals.


What is the most interesting thing you learned about the UNO?

They have great food and they are very vital to international relations – they take care of communication between the 193 membered countries and ensure world peace as well as the maintenance and security of international rights and policies and the law of nations.


Sounds interesting. You mentioned security. Taken a bit out of context:

Did you wait in line for security control?

Luckily, no. However, we waited in front of the building for a while (it was cold) and then had to go through an airport-like screening and passport control. Fortunately, the process was very quick and we could enjoy the time with our nice guide.


What impressed you the most about the UN Headquarters (except the nice guide)?

The meeting which was going on inside the Security Council (we got to take a quick peek into the room).


Was there something you didn’t like as much?

No, not really.


Okay, so if we step away from the politics, the UN Headquarters are almost like an exhibit of political art. Which art piece did you find most interesting?

In front of the United Nations building, there was a copper globe, a sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro, which was a present to the UN by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs. We enjoyed taking several great pictures in front of the art.


Yeah, I remember it. Did you get to walk through the outside area? It was one of my favorite parts to the complex!

Just briefly – we only walked from the security building to the actual United Nations one and afterwards from there to the German Consulate.


Could you catch a view of the Berlin Wall Exhibit?

No, sadly not. However, we saw it from the German Consulate (it was covered, though).


Hm, that’s too bad! Did you learn something about Germany during your visit?

The importance of Germany in the United Nations as well as the fact that they are running for the United Nations Security Council in 2019-20. Also, their motto: peace, justice, innovation and partnership.


Interesting, I didn’t know about this. Last question: How was lunch?

Amazing. We were served a delicious lunch in a private room on the top floor of the German Consulate which consisted of a panini, mushroom soup and a salad with really yummy dressing.


Okay, I lied. This one is the final one:

Why would you recommend joining the Human Rights Club?

The Human Rights Club is the best and easiest way to get involved in your community. Each year, we organize several food and clothing drives and have charity events such as selling bracelets at sports festivals and Valentine’s Day notes. Additionally, it is a program that connects students from different grades and provides a way for us students to come together and make the world a better place (even if this is solely possible in our immediate surroundings).


Thank you very much Delphine and Zoe! Have a great one! And always remember: German lunch is amazing!

(Picture Below: Delphine and Zoe)

(photo credit: l. hegarty)

Julian Toeller