5 Places to visit in Westchester County

Since GIS is located in White Plains, it’s kind of a given that most of our students and their families live in the area as well. Especially the City of White Plains with its opportunities for shopping and eating is quickly familiarized. But Westchester County has a lot more to discover.

Especially if you are not yet completely familiar with the beauty of both the culture and nature in the area, or you just like a good photo-opportunity,this quick overview will hopefully give you an impression about the many places worth visiting in Westchester.

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Kensico Dam Plaza:

The Kensico Dam and the recreational area surrounding it are unique in Westchester. The view over the park and into the valley is truly stunning. And if you turn around in the opposite direction, you may spectate over the Kensico Reservoir and the surrounding woods. Kensico Dam is perfect for long afternoon walks: A nice route to bike, for example, is from White Plains down the Bronx river parkway (the one for humans, not cars) to the Kensico Dam and the Town of Valhalla, a charming place to eat ice cream or dinner.

Especially if you live near the Bronx River Parkway, the Kensico Dam is fairly easy to find and access: Basically, follow the Bronx River Parkway in Northern direction, and you can’t miss this 30m-wall. Since I’m living in North White Plains, I’m a frequent visitor, and I can only emphasize the beauty of the area.

Price: Free

Location: 1 Bronx River Parkway Rd, Valhalla, NY (15 minutes from GIS)

Tibbetts Brook Park:

This park is great to visit with kids, since it features aquatic activities to be enjoyed by everyone: In-pool basket- and volleyball, lap lanes, an aquatic playground and the lazy river titled “The Brook”. And for people with more traditional interests when it comes to bathing, the vintage bathhouse and pavilions offer recreation.

Price: 5$

Location: 355 Midland Ave, Yonkers, NY (30 minutes from GISNY)

Playland Amusement Park:

This old amusement park right at the shore of Rye is a must-know for Westchester-residents. Even though it’s not the youngest of its kind, the very low rates compared to other amusement parks and the cult attractions add up on it. You should definitely try following rides: Gondola Wheel, Super Plunge, Super Flight, and of course, the Dragon Ride. But watch out: bring extra clothing! Especially the Super Plunge is almost guaranteed on getting you wet!

Price: 10$

Location: 1 Playland Parkway, Rye, NY (15 minutes from GIS)


Untermyer Gardens:

The Untermyer Gardens are the restored gardens of Samuel Untermyer. There are 6 parts to it: Walled Garden, Vista Steps, Color Gardens, Temple of Love, Rock Garden and Sundial Garden. Sounds pretty, doesn’t it? Well, you should see it then! The beauty of these gardens is stunning! You don’t even have to pay for it! A perfect place to take as many pictures as you need! Just look at the photographs under this text or visit their webpage. Unfortunately, dogs can’t enjoy the parks with you (except service dogs).

Price: Free

Location: 945 North Broadway, Yonkers, NY (35 minutes from GIS)


The Tarrytown Lighthouse:

This lighthouse known under a few different names like Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse or Kingsland Point Lighthouse was installed in 1883 and was used until 1961 when the Tappan Zee Bridge rendered it obsolete. Now, the lighthouse can be visited, and the view over Kingsland Point can be enjoyed.

Price: 5$

Location: Tarrytown Light-Kingsland Point Path, Sleepy Hollow, NY


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Kensico Dam plaza: The author

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Playland amusement park: Joel Rogers, www.CoasterGallery.com

Untermyer Gardens: Roberta Lane, Instagram

Tarrytown Lighthouse: enfi, Flickr


Julian Toeller