“Green Team” Projektwoche 2017

Overview and Information

Every 2 years, GISNY hosts the traditional “Projektwoche” (Project Week).

Essentially, the Projektwoche is 3 days at the very end of the school year, where all of the students join a project, working together with others throughout different grades, to work in a group.

This time, the projects are centered around the theme “Green Team”.

All of the projects will focus on environmental and ecological aspects in regard of our school. This article will give an overview on all of the different projects and discuss them.

After the project week is done, the project Wochenzeitung and Documentary will be shown here.


#1: “Sport und Spiel in der Natur (Fun and Games in Nature)”

Grade 2 – 3

“We will spend time outside, experience nature with our five senses, do crafts and play with natural materials.”

#2: “Wasser = Leben (Water is Life)”

Grade 2 – 4

“We will explore the oceans, the amazing creatures that live there, and how we need each other to survive. Our journey will begin in the ocean right here in our backyard, Long Island Sound. We will use science, art and music to help us along the way. Field trip cost per student: 15$”

#3: “Garbage Games”

Grade 2 – 4

“Students will create and play games (indoor and outdoor) using recyclable materials.”


#4: “Tropenwald in Gefahr (endangered Rainforest)”

Grade 2 – 4

“We will explore the natural environment of the tropics with all of its living beings, plants and fruits. We will make animals from paper-mache and create our own tropical rainforest in the classroom. In addition, we will learn what threatens the rainforest and how we can help.”


#5: “Für immer verloren (Lost forever)”

Grade 4 – 7

“Everyone knows about dinosaurs! But have you ever heard about the Tasmanian Tiger or the Passenger Pigeon or Moas? We want to follow the tracks of extinct animals: What kind of animals where they? How and where did they live? Why did they disappear? We will research and write about these animals lives. We will also make models of these animals. You can use your imagination for the materials: garbage, matches, fruit and vegetables…”


#6: “Sport in der freien Natur (sports in nature)”

Grade 4 – 8

“This is an outdoor sports project. We’re going to play different sports together on our school grounds and fields. We’ll play relay games together, try out new games and will have fun outside without using a lot of equipment.”


#7: “Wochenzeitung (Newspaper)”

Grade 4 – 11

“Who would like to be an ‘investigative reporter’ during the project week? We will create a newspaper that will report on the projects and activities happening at GISNY during the week. The best articles may even be published on the school’s Facebook page (and on The Lens).”


#8: “Naturheilmittel (Natural Remedies)”

Grade 5 – 8

“Learn about herbs, taste them, create your own ‘herb book’ and discover recipes that feature herbs!”


#9: “Plants and Poetry”

Grade 8 – 11

“Join us bringing nature indoors. We will create terrariums using recycled two-liter bottles and plants; we will also write Haikus inspired by the natural world.”


#10: “Dance and Rhythm of Nature”

Grade 5 – 11

“Are you CREATIVE? Do you like being OUTSIDE? Do you like to DANCE? So do WE!

Together we want to approach nature in a creative and curious way: What does nature mean to us? How do we sense our environment? How can we feel, hear and dance nature?

Based on these ideas we will develop choreographies in groups, find the music and rhythm of nature and create our own dance performances!”


#11: “Project Runway”

Grade 7 – 11

“PROJECT RUNWAY is a recycling-themed challenge! In this Project Group we’re asking you, designers, to create a ‘wearable outfit’ made out of unconventional materials! Design your own piece of cloth. You can work alone or as a group. The challenge will be to finish one piece a day. You will dig through mostly paper, plastic, rubber, and more to find material for your creation: an innovative dress, shorts, a skirt, hats, etc… All PROJECT RUNWAY designers will present their couture with a fashion show at the end. Start gathering NOW – newspaper and all kinds of recycling material for your unique ‘GO GREEN Garment’.”


#12: “Music Video Project”

Grade 7 – 11

“If you like to dance and sing and are a creative mind this is your project! We will plan, shoot and edit our own music videos for some of the greatest songs Michael Jackson wrote: ‘Heal’,’Man In The Mirror’ and ‘Earth song’.We will try out different methods/techniques when shooting music videos.”


#13: “Warum ist Yoga gruen? (Why is Yoga green?)”

Grade 8 – 11

“You know the feeling: Some days are brighter than other. Sometimes, everything seems easy. Other times, we just can’t get along with situations and people. In this project, we discover new aspects of ourselves. We find connections between the four elements – water, fire, earth and air – breath and movement. We will undertake exciting and relaxing trips on and off the mat. We will find an answer to the question: ‘Why is yoga green?’ And what are the other colors of yoga?

Please bring a mat and yoga equipment if possible. Also, bring a blanket. But most important: Come with an open mind.”


#14: “Physik (Physics)”

Grade 8 – 11

“During the project week aspects of sustainability will be examined from a physical point of view. The main focus is energy, and the additional energy for generating/using this energy. This leads to the question of efficiency and therefore to the environmental footprint. In experiments some examination, measurements, calculations and evaluation will be done.”


#15: “Schulbiotop”

Grade 8 – 11

“We are building a school pond together in our schoolyard. From planning to implementation, you will be involved. In the end we will have a great new habitat for the observation of plants and animals in our schoolyard. We need good ideas for planning and enough strength, endurance and fun in the construction so that in the end we will have a beautiful school pond.”


#16: “Cookin’ in the USA”

Grade 8 – 11

“Learn about the diverse culinary delights in the US and join us in recreating some regional specialities!”


#17: “Design Werkstatt”

Grade 9 – 11

“Out of style and old clothes you don’t wear anymore can be a treasure trove for creating something new. How about a quilt, utensilo or a bag…? Let’s develop ideas, design patterns, cut, pin, baste, sew, iron… be amazed and excited about our self-designed creations. (It would be great if a few of you could bring along a sewing machine!)”


#18: “Project Adventure”

Grade 8 – 11

“Project Adventure features various games that help build teamwork, trust, communication, and unity to achieve a common goal. There would be different challenges for each group and it would take place in the gymnasium.”


#19: “Documentary of the Project Week”

Grade 9 – 11

“Most project weeks culminate with a presentation in which every group shows the results of their work during the week. This time there will be a documentary about all the projects recorded. Joining this project you will be part of the film crew and should have some basic skills in videotaping and editing.”