Why I Use the Smart Board

An Interview with Dr. Jacqlyne Thornton, English teacher in the elementary school at GISNY

Q: Why do you use the Smart Board instead of the chalk board?

A: I like using the Smart Board because I can save our class notes so we can review what we’ve done previously. It’s also great because of the teaching resources that are on the Smart Exchange program (e.g. interactive lesson plans, games, music, etc.).

Q: Is it a good teaching tool?

A: I think it’s a great tool! Teachers can enhance lessons by making them more interactive and as a way to differentiate lessons so all different types of learners are engaged.

Q: What kinds of things do you do with it, and what age are your students?

A: I teach English to students in grades 1st through 4th so the way I use the Smart Board is different depending on the grade and class. I like to teach a lesson traditionally with workbook practice and notes, and then I like to go deeper into the concepts by playing review games and listening to songs about the topic we’re discussing. For instance, in second grade we’re learning about nouns. We had a class discussion and wrote notes, practiced individually in workbooks, and then played noun games like Noun Explorer and Ice Cream Talk (a noun and verb game).

Q: What inspired you to use the Smart Board?

A: All students learn differently and if you only teach one way you won’t reach all of your students. I was always a bad student and really benefited from teachers that used different methods to teach, so I try to teach the same way. I think using the Smart Board is a great way to help all learners.

Q: How did you learn to use it?

A: I learned to use the Smart Board and its programs when I was working on my Master’s degree. I had several technology courses that introduced teachers to the program.