The Lens

2019-2020 Staff

Frederick Arndt

Hello, my name is Frederick and I am in 10th grade. I like music, movies, soccer and tech. I joined the Lens to write about topics I am interested in and to become a better writer in general.

Amos Groß


Hello, I am Amos. I am now a student in the 11th grade and I've been a part of the Journalism AG ever since when we didn't even have a website. Two years later, I'm mainly occupied with doing the tech maintenance and admin work...

Anton Schlüter


Hello I am Anton Schlüter, having a beautiful family and wishing to have a girlfriend, inspired me to do journalism. People think im a god a legend, but I am neither, I am Anton Schlüter and I'd hope to make a difference with...

Leslie Hegarty

Head of the English department

Nick Arndt


Hello my name is Nick. I like music that only your dad knows and I like history and politics. I hope to bring some more attention to the Lens with my contributions, since many students are not aware of our great newspaper.